Why Human Translators Still Matter (For Now)

June 30, 2017

Some may have grown tired of the debate over whether humans will eventually be outdone by machines. But the fact that it’s constantly talked about doesn’t dampen the reality it signifies: the calm before what will likely be a violent paradigm…

Important Social Media Websites in Europe and Russia

June 30, 2017

The social media habits in Europe and Russia oftentimes look similar to other parts of the world—the tried and true platforms are incredibly popular.

5 Reasons Why Latin America is Great for Conducting Clinical Trials

June 30, 2017

Over the years, Latin America has become a prime spot to conduct clinical trials. Countries within the region share several key features that give clinical researchers a lot of reasons to look to these countries as the spot for ideal clinical…

The Spotify Localization Strategy

June 30, 2017

Since it launched in 2008, Spotify has become a leader in the music streaming scene. Over 50 million paid subscribers use the service—and that number is growing at a quick clip, staying ahead of heavy hitters like Apple Music and Google Play.

Which Translation Method Should You Use? A Concise Guide Based on Content Type

June 26, 2017

Let’s examine a hypothetical: You’re creating a global branding scheme for a new product. You need to create foreign language content in order for your materials to resonate in local markets. How do you go about translating your materials? Do you…

3 Iconic Brands that Impress with Website Localization

June 22, 2017

A website will make or break a company’s global brand. For a potential client, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as going to a website looking to find information or buy a product, only to get bogged down with content that’s written in a…

Language Services: The Biggest Industry You’ve Never Heard Of

June 22, 2017

When people think of up-and-coming industries, they likely conjure up images of tech companies in Silicon Valley. What probably doesn’t come to mind is language services. But it should.

What To Ask a Language Services Provider During the RFP Process

June 20, 2017

Both writing and completing a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be a meticulous and time-consuming process. Regardless of the industry, ensuring you ask all the correct questions to find out as much as you can about a company is very important.

Thinking Differently: Why Apple’s Brand Succeeds Worldwide

June 16, 2017

No matter where you go, if you put a picture of Apple’s silver Macintosh symbol in front of someone, they’ll immediately be familiar with the logo.

Virtual Reality is the Next Step in Language Learning

June 16, 2017

There’s a lot that goes into learning a language. Taking classes, studying textbooks, using apps, watching foreign movies, listening to foreign music, playing video games…the list seems endless. But another method of language learning is starting…

Localization Strategy Guide – Cultural Dimensions of Brazil

June 16, 2017

Brazil, once home to an economic boom, has been in a recession since 2013, and consumers have opted to hold onto their well-earned cash, buying cheaper products and decreasing luxury spending.

Language Learning App Review: HiNative

June 09, 2017

Asking questions is an important part of becoming bilingual. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find fluent speakers for unique questions you might have. The HiNative app tries to answer this issue, creating an app to connect with fluent…

The EU-US Privacy Shield: Transferring Transatlantic Data

June 09, 2017

Max Schrems nudged himself into the international spotlight in his early twenties.

Does Your Language Service Provider Keep Your Data Safe?

June 08, 2017

The translation industry has seen dramatic growth lately, and it’s only expected to get bigger.

A Language Unlike Any Other: What is Nicaraguan Sign Language?

June 08, 2017

When new languages emerge, they’re usually categorized as pidgins. These languages are simplistic and basic, created from combining basic elements of two or more languages. Over time, many pidgins will evolve into creoles, which feature complex…

When Will AI Exceed Human Abilities? It Won’t Be Long, According to Study

June 02, 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to translate materials as well as human experts in less than 20 years, according to a recent study that surveyed specialists in the AI field for their take on progress in machine learning.

What Is the International Phonetic Alphabet?

June 02, 2017

There are over 6,000 languages in the world, each with pronunciations that vary depending on accents, dialects, and more. With the large majority of these languages, there are alphabets that form individual words for that language. But in the…

Immersive Language Learning At Concordia Language Villages

June 01, 2017

There are a diverse range of strategies available to people interested in learning another language. There are computer programs, a number of mobile apps as well as more traditional classroom options to boost your language learning skills.

Where is Facebook Translation Going from Here?

June 01, 2017

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform on the Internet. Its global reach is impressive, with a total audience reaching nearly two billion.


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