Bringing A Google Classroom To Your Global Company

January 16, 2016

Technology is providing greater access to education, collaboration opportunities and an incredible amount of information at our fingertips. Take a look at Google Docs, Google Drive and Gmail – these three Google systems allow millions of internet…

Orthodox Santas: From Agios Vasilis to Grandfather Frost

January 06, 2016

It’s the eve of Orthodox Christmas: let us embrace our holiday spirit for a little while longer. In Orthodox countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia or Russia, the Christmas celebration is held approximately two weeks after the rest of the…

The Secret World of Movie Translation

August 14, 2015

Ever watch one of those “behind the scenes” documentaries or DVD extras, or laugh hysterically at that blooper reel that went viral on YouTube? Movie production has a lot of really interesting secrets. But even after the actors have gone home,…

Is The "Beautiful Game" A Globalization Failure

April 25, 2015

Soccer is the world’s most widely played and watched sport. International soccer events like the FIFA World Cup draw millions of viewers and game attendees alike, all rooting for their national team.  While it’s hardly debatable that the massive…

Missing The Joke: Why Humor Doesn't Translate

January 29, 2015

In 2011, an Australian news anchor who was interviewing the Dalai Lama with the aid of an interpreter opened the exchange with a joke: “The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and says, ‘Can you make me one with everything?’  The Dalai Lama’s…

The McDonalds Localization Strategy

November 26, 2014

What’s a company to do when profits fall two quarters in a row? McDonalds’ CEO is pushing the localization strategy to solve that problem.

Want to Work at Apple? Siri Localization Experts Needed

July 16, 2014

“Your wish is my command,” as Siri says.

Five Steps to Avoid Cultural Mistakes

May 28, 2014

No one wants to find themselves in an embarrassing or offensive situation in a foreign country because of innocent cultural mistakes. Often, this happens to tourists who are traveling abroad. But it can also occur during business encounters,…

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