Five Helpful Tips For Optimizing Multilingual SEO

July 05, 2017

If you’re looking to promote your brand across the globe, creating compelling multilingual materials is just one side of the digital marketing coin. Successful international businesses effectively utilize multilingual SEO strategies when going…

The Hero of the American Revolution Who Didn’t Speak English: Honoring Baron von Steuben’s Contributions

July 04, 2017

The Fourth of July is an American holiday celebrating the Declaration of Independence from the British Empire in 1776 (sorry ULG’s London office). Like more formal holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, Americans use this holiday as an excuse…

Speaking Around The Boot: The Regional Languages of Italy

July 03, 2017

When most of us think of the Italian language, Standard Italian comes to mind – “ciao bella, come stai?” and “buon giorno,” and so on. In fact, Toscano, or the Italian originally written by the medieval poet Dante and spoken in the Tuscan region…

Why Human Translators Still Matter (For Now)

June 30, 2017

Some may have grown tired of the debate over whether humans will eventually be outdone by machines. But the fact that it’s constantly talked about doesn’t dampen the reality it signifies: the calm before what will likely be a violent paradigm…

Important Social Media Websites in Europe and Russia

June 30, 2017

The social media habits in Europe and Russia oftentimes look similar to other parts of the world—the tried and true platforms are incredibly popular.

5 Reasons Why Latin America is Great for Conducting Clinical Trials

June 30, 2017

Over the years, Latin America has become a prime spot to conduct clinical trials. Countries within the region share several key features that give clinical researchers a lot of reasons to look to these countries as the spot for ideal clinical…

The Spotify Localization Strategy

June 30, 2017

Since it launched in 2008, Spotify has become a leader in the music streaming scene. Over 50 million paid subscribers use the service—and that number is growing at a quick clip, staying ahead of heavy hitters like Apple Music and Google Play.

Which Translation Method Should You Use? A Concise Guide Based on Content Type

June 26, 2017

Let’s examine a hypothetical: You’re creating a global branding scheme for a new product. You need to create foreign language content in order for your materials to resonate in local markets. How do you go about translating your materials? Do you…

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